Safari Dominoes | Glottogon

A nostalgic family favourite with a modern makeover. Domino is a fun, must have for preschooler kids.

Match either the safari animals illustrations on the front face of the tiles or the more traditional dots on the reverse. The two game in 1 idea is a great way to involve kid who have not quite mastered their numbers.

2-4 players.

Age 3+ years.

Play - Dream - Fly

In Glottogon's Sydney studio they design puzzles, games and fun stuff for kids. Their ethos is to create truly entertaining products that inspire learning through fun, tactile and interactive play.

Glottogon manufacture responsibly and chose the best materials; their puzzles are made from recycled board, printed with vegetable or soy based inks and their paper is good paper, at least Preps 3 standard ... meaning they know where the trees were grown and that they were from managed forests.

Glottogo's products are durable and safe and each of them have safety certification for European & Australian standards.

Type: Toy

Vendor: Glottogon

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