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Quality Wooden Toys - All toys are designed by - and produced under the watchful eye of - Mr. 'Voytek' Bajor in his workshop in a small country village in Southern Poland.

There are plenty of wooden toy brands on the market. Many do not hail from the traditional home of wooden toys - Central Europe. These brands focus on obtaining the lowest possible production cost, with consequent shortcuts made to achieve this. BAJO wooden toys are made for the children of quality people. Good design and manufacture to the highest standards is our focus. Our customers are those who appreciate and demand such things.

BAJO simplicity-of-design, use of quality local materials and vibrant colour, combined with the evident love of wood, make these toys the special toys of childhood. And if you have one on your desk right now: of adulthood, too.

Suitable for 18months +

Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 5cm

Type: Toy

Vendor: Bajo

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