Little Thunder Witch Game | HABA

This charming memory game will enchant little witches and wizards. Little Thunder Witch keeps confusing the other witches with her lightning bolts - her friends are trying to find their way to the top of Witches' Mountain, but will they remember how to get there? This strong and clever memory game allows players to move from cloud-to-cloud to reach closer to their bewitching destination. Just roll the die and try to remember where the matching witch card is to fly forwards and claim victory. Haba's Little Thunder Witch is a 15 minute-game that will spellbind the whole family.

Contents: four witches, a witches' house and a witches' mountain; plus seven clouds, 20 cards, a die and a set of game instructions.
2-4 players.
Age guide: from 5-99 years.

Type: Toy

Vendor: HABA

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