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The revolutionary ERGObaby Carrier redefines babywearing.  Attracting a multitude of international awards and 5-star reviews, ERGObaby is the worlds most loved carrier.  It offers hands-free closeness like no other and is perfect from birth to pre-school, up to 20kgs.

NOTE: the Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert is recommended for use with any model from the ERGObaby range, for the first 3-4 months until baby is 5kgs or has good head control.  ERGObaby supports your child in three easy-to-use positions front, hip and back promoting healthy spinal development and adapting to your childs growing needs.  It is the only baby carrier worldwide to be listed as one of the Top 20 Baby Products over the Last 20 Years.  Enjoy ERGObaby freedom together!

Wearing your baby supports -

• Parent-infant bonding.  Parents learn babys cue faster in closer contact, giving them greater confidence.
• Secure and confident babies.  Sling babies appear less clingy and are more self reliant.
• Deeper and longer sleep patterns as carried babys fall asleep more easily.
• The reduction of reflux and colic symptoms
• Fussy babies and reduces crying by up to 51%


All-in-One Solution

ERGObaby is the gold-standard in hands-free carriers, offering three ergonomic positions front, hip and back.  Perfect from birth up to 3 4 years old, it is the only carrier you will ever need and is therefore the most cost effective baby carrying solution available.

Physical Health Benefits

ERGObaby provides anatomically correct positioning for your baby, promoting healthy hip and spinal development.  The extra-wide waist belt and padded shoulder straps evenly distribute your childs weight from shoulders to hip, avoiding neck and shoulder strain associated with some front pack carriers.  ERGObaby now gives parents the choice of extended strain-free carrying.

Optimal Newborn Support

The Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert accessory offers premium head support and is required until baby weighs 5.5kgs and has developed head control (usually 3 4 months).  The Infant Insert moulds around babys head, ensuring the chin is not pressed to the chest and airways are always clear.

Health Professionals Seal of Approval

ERGObaby is recognised by leading international health professionals for offering optimal weight distribution, comfort for parents and healthy positioning for baby which reduces unnecessary stress to their growing spine and hips.

Safety Testing

ERGObaby products exceed stringent infant product safety standards in Europe and USA.  The non-toxic fabric is tested for durability up to 40kgs and is machine washable.

Sleeping Hood

An adjustable sleeping hood supports your babys head when resting and can be stored in the front pocket.  The elasticised edges mould around babys head and adjust to suit his/her height.  The sleeping hood offers protection from sun, wind, light rain and privacy while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding On-the-Go

ERGObaby allows for discreet and easy breastfeeding while baby is upright in the front carry position.

ERGObaby Star Power

Not only do everyday Mums award ERGObaby 5-star ratings, but celebrity Mums Julia Roberts, Ellen Pompeo and Giselle Bundchen are all proud ERGObaby Carrier wearers.

Fair Trade Policy

ERGObaby is committed to Fair Trade in both China and India-based factories and are proud to share their best practices.

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