BIG school

Posted on February 02, 2017 by Vicki Bailey | 0 Comments

Today we sent our little-big man off to "Big School" for the first time!

Like sand slipping through our fingers, time seems to have flown right on by. It doesn't seem like so long ago he was my one and only chubby baby! (But I can't call him that anymore because he is a big boy now!)

A daycare baby since 10 months old, he was all over his big day, no tears from him and surprisingly no tears from me. (The chocolates and cup of tea in the library with my fellow Mumma's may have helped).

So many of the beautiful women that I met at Mother's Group five years ago shared the same apprehension and excitement as me today and I cherish the beautiful messages of support that I've received throughout the day.

To the rest of you wonderful parents setting your babies free for the next big adventure of their lives, I hope you did great, and if you didn't, that's OK too!




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