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Posted on December 24, 2016 by Vicki Bailey | 0 Comments

As I sit here in beautiful Tasmania, where the weather gods are showing off a little, red wine and chocolate are perched beside me and a teething and cranky baby is in bed (silent sigh of relief inserted here), enjoying the quiet before the craziness of more family and cooking begins tomorrow.

I am sure I love Christmas just as much as the next person, always intend to eat my weight in prawns and wake with the headache we all know to well after drinking the cheap wine with the coolest picture on the bottle (always judge a book by it’s cover!)…

My intentions are to relax these Chrissy hols, (and I think that is actually happening!) allow someone else to bath the kids and cook me dinner before the momentous year that is 2017 takes control and flies by once again before our very eyes.

I know 2017 will be a test for me and my little family, the old saying “Navy Wife, Navy Life” will be speaking volumes to me, loud and clear… but sometimes it’s all about looking beyond and into the future and knowing something better will come because of it.

I know a lot of our friends can relate to me with this, I know i’m not the only mum, wife, girlfriend or sailor about to embark on the all to familiar sea posting, but I’ll just put it out there, right here and now, no cover ups, it’s shit. Shitty McShit Shit.

But we will also be onto bigger and better things, Master five will be starting “big school”, I’ll be getting out and about with Nell&Oll, and we may as well whack another holiday in there somewhere for good measure and the year will be done and dusted and we’ll all look back and think that it wasn’t that hard after all! 

Nell&Oll plans for 2017…We will be at our first market on the 22nd January at Bulli Foragers Market. Getting our name out and about and getting rid of some old stock and making some room for some new stock, so if you’re local - and even if you’re not, why don’t you pop on down?!

January will be a massive SALE month - so tell me who doesn’t love a sale? Keep your peepers peeled (make sure you’re following me on Insta & Facey) for some bargains, AND the website will also be undergoing a slight re-vamp in the New Year! I am excited for what is ahead and to really get into Nell&Oll and turn it into what I really want and what I love!

So a big shout out to family, friends and the people I don’t know from a bar of soap, that have kept the orders rolling in! I keep seeing a little ‘meme’ around… it says “When you buy from small business, a real person does a little happy dance”.  This is seriously so true and I honestly do a little happy dance and clap my hands and carry on like a twit when the little cash register sound dings on my phone.

A big fat Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!

Be Safe. Be Merry, and don’t worry about your diet until next year!





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