Summer Sun, Eczema, Sunscreen & Coconut Butter Oil ….

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Within hours of James being born we asked the Doctor "Any chance he has Jaundice"? "No he is perfect" she replied ....
MUSIC to our ears! Of course every parent thinks the same but why was it different for us you ask? 
We desperately hoped that our child was born healthy first & foremost but secondly that our children would be born with 'sallow' skin as we Irish like to call it. (not sickly but with a Mediterranean influence) STOP laughing! My sister has this skin, my brothers, my husband's family! Just NOT myself & the hubby!!
Anyways back to the story!  We arrived home with our beautiful 'sallow' baby & rejoiced! Delighted we were .....
Each day he seemed a little 'paler' .. we ignored it.  We couldn't really speak of it ...
Until two weeks in we just had to admit to ourselves that yes he did have feckin jaundice & we had a very, very pale child exactly like his parents!!
Not the end of the world but I seriously cant even walk to the car without getting burnt & it drives me mad!
So we went into over protective mode.  Long sleeve shirts all the time, big rimmed hats & sun block every time we went out.  
This topic is high on my reading list & the more I read & the more I spoke to doctors the more I worried.
I was tired of applying the 'sudacream' type sunscreen.  I was tired of always being on high alert.
So here is James on holidays last year.  This photo makes me want to cry.  We were at a friend's wedding & after three days in the pool & sunscreen he was red raw & swollen. And just very unhappy. We spent the holiday worrying about him.  Back at home we started on the usual creams to repair, hydrate & rid of this terrible rash/eczema.  Our hearts were broken from the crying.  We even enlisted the local Fireman to say that he puts this cream on & that it was very important.  It took weeks to recover & it really didn't go away completely.
About a month ago James had another big break out.  Red Raw. We put it down to washing his clothes while away on holidays in washing powder that was not the sensitive type.  Also a build up of sunscreen over the five days.  Months later & we were back to square one.  And I said ENOUGH! My sister was here visiting & everyday she uses an Organic Coconut Butter Oil.  A friend the same age, who looks 10 years younger had also recommended it.  And a Naturopath had mentioned it some time ago as a Sunblock! WOW!
With a red raw rash & nothing to loose we started layering it on.  He loved it.  "I smell like a cookie Mom"! Within two days his skin had improved immensely! Amazing transformation.  Three weeks on & his skin has not looked or felt this good since he was a baby. 
Today I packed their school bags with a little tub of Coconut Oil Butter & asked for this to be used as sunscreen.  Ive had enough of chemicals on their skin.  I worry about them not having enough of sunshine on their skin which means not enough of Vitamin D.  (there are some great studies about lacking of Vitamin D & skin cancers).  
There is NO proof that Coconut Oil Butter is a sunscreen & I am doing this as a trial for our family.  It may not be right for everyone & Im not saying go do it! We obviously wont be on the beach in the blazing sun with nothing on but Coconut Butter Oil but for everyday use of jumping in & out of the car & an early morning visit to the park, I am going to give it a go. 
I would still not be without our Sun Hat Range! There is nothing like a good brim!! -
Or our beautiful range of Babes in the Shade Swimwear -
If you are interested to hear how we are going, like us on Facebook as I will keep the updates going over the coming weeks.  
Thanks for reading & if one more little person is helped than Im a happy Mamma!
Nell x

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