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The Transition to the Big Boy Bed was a long time coming for us.  We waited until James was over 3. He was in his cot until then & very happy.

I have to say I dreaded it! I thought this is going to be a nightmare! What if he gets up at night & moves around the house? What if he falls out? What if he stopped sleeping?? What if??  What if??

So we prepared ....



I read a few articles & the main points I took into consideration were -

Preparation - Chat to him about it, make it exciting.

Do It Together - We went shopping together & let him try out mattresses & beds at the shops.  He loved it! 

Make him Secure - This one was a big one for me & where I put in most of my time.  I wanted it to feel as normal as possible for him.

Easy does It - Prepare to stay in the room with him some nights if required. I was dreading this! I love my own bed!!!

Stay firm - If they start to wander 2 or 3 nights in. Be firm.

Boost their Confidence - Praise their good work of sleeping all night & staying in their bed until morning. 

For us the purchase of a new bed was not going to happen as we had a day bed in the room from Ikea & we loved the storage options underneath.  Also it was great for the visits from Nana.  I purposely bought a cot that could change into a Toddler Bed but James had already noticed his friends had Big Beds so I thought going into the day bed with a new firm mattress was the way to go.  I ensured I purchased sheets that were the same cotton as his cot sheets.  This was obviously my choice & he didn't jump in the bed & say 'Oooo Mom lovely sheets' but I thought having the same material would help him settle.  The quilt cover I have to say was a little bit of an issue again for me! I just could not purchase the novelty ones such as 'Fireman Sam'.  I couldn't! So while at a Trade Show recently I came across this great range of bed linen by Madras Link.

I loved the simple style & prints.  The matching Cushions & Bunting ... Oh how these things make me so happy ......!

James also has a toy from when he was born.  His Little Bear by Britt -

And his constant companion since he turned 2, Cowboy Dollie -

These small things I felt made a difference.  He settled into the routine very easily.  The bed being in the room for a long time prior & being so familiar would have helped also.  I skipped a side rail & rolled up a blanket instead & placed it under the sheet.  This has worked a treat for us. 

And then the time came & he went to bed ....



We waited outside the door & waited ... No sound.  No little sound of the feet hitting the floor & running for freedom! But thought I'd better check on him! Glad I did ...



Planking ...

Next morning he called out.  Just like he did in his cot.  Mom! Mom! And that was it ...

No I lie ...

He did fall out one night but didn't wake! Found him on the floor curled up on the cushions!



He has thankfully never got up at night & wandered around the house. Only jumped up one morning last week & had an ice cream for breakfast! As you do ...

So my recommendation - Don't worry as much as I did. When you are ready & you think your little one is ready, just do it.  It was thankfully no where near as bad as I thought!

Can you add anything to help another Mom with this transition?



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