6 months to long...

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This photo was taken on the 19th of January 2014. The day HMAS Darwin sailed from Wooloomooloo for the Middle East. The count down began. Seven months to go. There were days it felt like it would never end, that we’d never get to August. 

Australia Day missed at the beach. Easter egg hunts missed. Mothers Day breakfast in bed missed. Birthdays gone by. Camping trips... Six and a half months, missed.
I left behind a two and half year old, screaming after me as if he knew exactly what was about to happen. His Daddy left standing on the wharf and his Mumma waving on the Ships waist wondering if we’d just made the worst decision in our life time.
But we did it. We survived. Just. Thanks to our family and friends at home and the handful of beautiful people I shared my journey to the Middle East with, and I am certain they know who they are.
Strange that it will forever be the worst and best time of my life. Some people won’t understand that line, but I know a decent handful of you Navy Mum’s (and Dad’s no doubt) will understand.
The one day that will stick in my mind, where I have never felt more proud was on the 25th April. The day that I had never felt more deserving of the two brand new medals sitting on my chest. For myself. For my friends standing next to me on the flight deck. For my beautiful family waiting my return at home. For the people that had served before me and the people that will continue to serve after me, so we can all live in this beautiful country.
So whatever you may doing on Tuesday, please remember to take the time to appreciate the sacrifices made for you.

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