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A full year has flown by since I gave birth to my third little. It has been an interesting year with many highs and a few lows. He was born healthy and beautiful and above anything that is all I ask and pray for. This time a year ago, I was in ICU after having emergency surgery to repair my uterus and bladder. Long story short, both my bladder and uterus tore during the c-section. No fault of my amazing doctor. It was a horrendous experience and I will never forget it. It became a little more complicated when I came out of surgery and my lung, somehow collapsed. I had pneumonia for weeks and did not know. Well I was sick but like all Mothers, I pushed through.

"Sure I'll be grand"! Don't we all say that?

I will never forget my husband's face that day and the weeks following. The fear in his face was frightening and I was more concerned about him than myself. For this reason and because I would hate this to happen to someone else, I am sharing today. I am one of those people with a few ailments. Ailments that I am aware of and manage. Let me list my friends. Thyroid, coeliac, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and with all of that comes tiredness and sometimes more unexpected symptoms. I have worked hard to stay well but I am treated like a hypochondriac by doctors. I have a few ailments and without my own management and pushing GPs, I feel that things can be ignored. I share this because I know, I am not alone. I share with girlfriend and family or a random stranger that asks me why I am gluten free. I share because it is important to know that many of us have ailments and many of us can feel isolated with continuous heath issues.

I mentioned my cough and my sore ribs. I asked to be checked but the GP heard nothing in my chest. It was an error and I did not listen to my body. 

It has taken me a year to share. I still, probably, don't have the right words to describe how I feel about it. Putting it bluntly it was the scariest fucking time of my fucking life.  And having babies at home waiting for me and a tiny one in my arms highlighted how important my health is.   I promised myself then, that I would look after my health. Do everything to ensure I was as healthy as I could be.  

Listen to your body.


Eat well.

After three months, my stints were removed which were placed to give my bladder a chance to heal.  Magically all my pain disappeared. It was a difficult three months but we did it. My Mother who was beyond amazing throughout the process, my husband who supports me through everything and my beautiful friends.

Through all of that, my sweet little baby did not notice a thing. Due to the enormous support from my Mother, I had one job. Feed my baby. He joined me in ICU and I did not let him go. My Obstetrician did not leave my side and confirmed that I could still breast feed while taking multiply medications.  And that is what it makes it all worth while.

I have continue to breast feed the little man and am currently on the Gold Coast, pumping to ensure I have milk when I return home.  

I feel blessed.  I have learnt a huge amount, about myself during this bumpy ride.  I am thankful and honoured that I am the mother to these three fabulous babies.  

Be kind Mommas to yourselves.  Put those feet up.  Take a moment and push to be heard if you are not feeling well ...

And above all.  Thank you for reading.  I love my space here and the lovely people I have met. 


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Still my favourite Michelle! 



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