Master 5 "Why did you choose the choice then Mummy"?

Posted on August 13, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 1 Comment

 Ok. I've done it.

The Irish stew is bubbling, chicken stew for my little man prepped, clothes laid out for three days for all the littles, enormous bag packed for myself with God knows what is in it and I'm at the airport. This weekend I am joining 700 bloggers on the Gold Coast for Problogger! I am super excited to be going and love the thought of being surrounded by these amazing people.
And then the Momma in me is devastated leaving my boy for the first time. I won't sugar coat it! I dropped Master 5 to school, after my goodbyes at home with the two littles and bawled like no one's business! Roared like a banshee. Full on ugly crying while driving, for all to see!
I've never left him for a night and I am going to miss him more than words can say. My baby, my little person. I love this time when they are still being carried, still being breast fed, still want loads of cuddles and kisses. The other two seem so independent these days. Hugs and kisses this morning with a big wave. I cried leaving the house with Master 5 and he asked "why did you choose the choice then Mummy"!
True story my big boy! True story!

So I am off to enjoy myself because I give myself permission. I have even packed some grown up clothes with heels, jewellery and a very small handbag.  Like a clutch! 

It is the first time, in my life, that I have taken off by myself.  

Is that weird?

Have you ever travelled alone?



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August 14, 2015

Go and have a good time! You deserve it! You work so hard! Have fun xx

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