Beautiful women ...

Posted on August 09, 2015 by Belinda Cameron | 0 Comments

I was warned about this. Warned that I may meet some people at school once my eldest started. And then I met a beautiful group of women with warm hearts and open homes. Open homes - bring a smile to my face. This is how I grew up. Ready for a cuppa at any point. Today we drank tea, munched on some yummy things and all had our hair done. The little people ran around and played, my baby was watched while I had my hair cut and blow dried ... It is simple things that make my world go round. A cuppatea with a friend, a chit chat that warms the heart and company that makes you smile ....
Make this happen for you. If you are not smiling then invite a friend round! There is nothing like a chat with women to bring a smile to your face. Of course nice hair makes me happy too!



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