#project me and my boob job!

Posted on August 08, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 1 Comment

After a long week at home, it was difficult to drag my arse back to the gym with Nick at

Pure Class Health and Fitness

To recap on last week I had mastitis which is the first time in ages but damn that is a sore dose! The feeds with my little man have slowed down and he was doing the on and off, looking around, on and off, pulling my hair, on and off, having a laugh, on and off, grabbing my ear and then I said “ENOUGH”! We are now down to two feeds a day and so the mastitis may have kicked in due to this.  Of course Ms 3 was also unwell with a tummy bug and she then gave it to me when I stared to feel semi normal! I think there must have been an intervention that I didn’t know about, to put stop my gallop and force me to stay at home for ten days.

And so off I went to the gym with the two littles in tow.  This week Ms 3 was all about copying Mommy and followed me around doing lunges and a little bit of foam work on the floor! Too cute.  

Master Tenmonths, just chilled in the corner playing with his Dingarings and thinking about the crawling business.  It is a busy life being a little baby.  

This week I thought lovely Nick would take it easy.  Ah no.  No not at all.  I woke this morning a little sore but the "good" sore.  The one where you know that you put in a good effort. I could feel it when I was crushing the weetbix this morning! This makes me very happy.  I call that the “Boob Job” but lovely Nick calls it something else. I know it is working the muscles in my chest and may give me a little lift.  By god it is needed! We also did some bicep curls because I want lovely arms.  Seriously how does lovely Nick listen to me!? And then a little bench press.  I have to admit something with the old bench press.  No laughing ok? I only lift the bar! No weights.  Im too weak.  So weak.  And I have the struggle face going on too while I do so.  First few are always ok and then the pressure kicks in! Too funny.  Thank god I am there alone.
I am hoping the weights make a big difference to my strength.  I can feel an improvement but I have a long way to go.  I have a couple of spots in my back that give me a little bother and I go to an osteopath on a regular basis.  I am hoping this training will strengthen my back so I can reduce my visits.  

I must also share that I have still not learnt about the damn leggings.  This week I wore a pair that I wore when I was pregnant.  Not so good.  They were a couple of sizes too big and were baggy on my legs.  I feel like I will never learn.  I have promised myself that if I keep up the exercise over the coming month that I will go out and treat myself to some new gym gear.  Like the nice fancy stuff from Lorna Jane.  Until then I will wear thick black leggings that are not see through! 

#projectme is all about sharing my experience.  We forget about ourselves when we have little ones and we just cannot afford to do that.  We need to be strong and healthy to be the best Mums we can be.  Join me ...

Kisses to you ….



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August 16, 2015

Go girl! See….you do exercise and you know how awesome you feel when you invest in you. So lovely to meet you at #pbevent. I’ll keep an eye on your exercise progress and send a rocket via email if you fall off the wagon for too long. Happy training x Jacqui (Heart Body & Soul)

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