The rumour about a "healthy" Mars bar slice ...

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So I may have mentioned a healthy Mars bar slice yesterday on my page and there was a little "wait a minute, a healthy mars bar slice, WTFeck" reaction!  

I was on a roll yesterday and made a Coconut & Butter cake, Muesli Balls and a Mars bar slice.  To me it is a little naughty but really there is nothing in this yummy slice to have anyone concerned.  It is full of goodness! A bit of honey, alright a whole lot of honey, peanut butter, coconut, cacao and rice cakes. Then throw them all together, squash it all up into a cake tin, store in the fridge and you have a great little snack for the cuppatea. Instead of a slab of chocolate that some people I know might eat. Some people being me!

For me ingredients are key and I do my best to have mostly organic and preservative free in our home.  We shop mostly at Aldi as they have a fantastic range of Organic diary and preservative free when you look closely. 

And so I thought I would introduce you to lovely Bianca from Wholefood Simply.  Bianca is crazy good at creating some yummy treats with few ingredients.  You can read about the Mars bar slice here and Muesli Balls here. And then you will lost, with your mouth watering while you flick around more of the goodness!

This is how my Mars Bar Slice turned out.  I used a little less honey but was very happy with the end product.  The balls were pretty good too. 


And today I took 5 minutes out and enjoyed a nice cuppatea in my favourite cup with my yummy treats.  #project me is going strong and I am proud.  I am taking a little time out everyday, even for just five minutes.  

Next week I plan to take extra care with my exercise and go and find my "NO EXCUSES" attitude! So easy to slip into having an excuse.  This week was shocking but a little outside my control with sick little ones and me being hit twice with a funny belly and damn mastitis! 

Here I come Monday 25th! Watch out, I'm in a serious mood and will take you by surprise!

Have you taken 5 minutes today for yourself? 

And if you have a yummy "healthy" treat! Please share ....



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