Renovations, concrete floors and I really need to "Shake if off"!!

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I have been singing this song all day! Don't you just love this girl!? She is amazing ... 

Back to concrete. I just know that I need to move on from this topic so I have decided to write it out and get over it tonight. Shake it off! 

It has been a constant conversation between myself and my husband, myself and my builder, myself and the damn concrete contractors who carried out the work, myself and my poor, poor friends who must be sick to death of me and now myself, solicitors and the insurance company! Its one big pain in the - for the want of a better work - ARSE! Yes in capitals! Shake it off!

So back to 2001.  I decided I would take a little break from working in contract PA work around Sydney.  I was tired of moving around and decided to apply for a nanny position.  I found a wonderful job looking after twins.  A boy and a girl.  My good god they were just amazing, now thats a whole other post for another day.  And while I looked after these magnificent children, their parents were renovating their home.  Now let me tell you. I think I fell completely in love with renovating that time.  Their Mom was an architect and had amazing taste.  The house right now, today, would still be very current.  I have not seen it in years but I remember it being beautiful and my favourite feature of all, was the concrete floor.  It was the first finished concrete floor I had seen and it was fabulous! And so from that day to the beginning of our renovation, I feel in LOVE with concrete floors.  I knew exactly what I was looking for and today I stand on a floor that in not what I wanted.  I think I hate concrete.  Ah I don't but its hard to love it right now.  Shake if off! 

Right as I am typing this, that little voice in my head is screaming at me.  Spoilt brat.  Get over it.  Stop it.  Move on. Shake it off! But Im struggling.  

I won't go into the detail as it is still not resolved but I wanted to say to you.  Renovators.  If you are renovating and would like a particular floor, please ensure you hire the correct people.  There is so many poor trades people out there, who do NOT care about you or me.  And unfortunately I feel that the law and regulations allow these people to get away with it.  

On a happier note the rest of our renovation is looking beautiful.  We are so happy with the space and all of our other decisions.  Unfortunately we cannot move forward with kitchen plans, painting and finishing touches until the floor is resolved but so be it.  The space is amazing and we love stretching out around our home.  And home is what it is.  Full of smiles, laugher, shouting, dancing, good food and more shouting.  

If you are in Sydney and about to make a decision on a concrete floor.  Please private message me if you have any questions.  I am happy to help, name and shame! 

I am really trying to Shake if off! 

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