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I am one of these people who like to keep a tidy house. All. The. Time.  
This I know is not possible when you are renovating, working and especially when you have children.  I am basically mortified if someone “pops” in and my house is not tidy and looks like no adult lives here.  
Prior to kids I lived like this.

A little OCD. Yes.  The kids have knocked that right out of me!
Now I live here! 

So you can see how things have changed for me. 
I am house proud and have struggled to keep it all neat as a pin and have guests, which are really my friends, over for a cuppa.  But I have started to let my guard down.  Over the past year with renovations going and living in a tiny space I have basically invited no one. Friends have popped in now and then but not too often.  So when a lovely, lovely girl said this morning, lets catch up for a cuppa, I paused and said …… “Yes and can we make it my place so I can put my little man in his cot for a sleep”!
I then thought “SH**T, my house is a wreck”! And so I did what most people would do! I went to explain my mess and please ignore it etc.  

Now I am not sure about you but sitting here right now, I am thinking.  What is more embarrassing? 

A - Inviting a firend in for a cuppa who also have three children and really does not give a poop what my house looks like. 
B - Going on like an eejit about the state of the mess! 

I think B!

And that brings me to my closing line.  

I, Elaine Stack, will not worry about my messy house and will focus on spending a nice hour with a lovely friend for a cuppa with children’s mess all around me and just enjoy.  Life is too short! 

Can you relate? 
Im surely not alone! ARG!

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