#projectme - My Five Top Tips to getting yourself motivated!

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Today was the day.  Today I started to get my arse into gear and start my personal training sessions with the lovely Nick.  

I had a tough time during and after the birth of my beautiful boy, Joshua.  I had many heavy moments and I decided that I would do everything I could to get my body and mind in great shape.  I've had many years of arguing with herself about exercising and she is a negative old bitch about getting the move on.  Any excuse will do.  Tired, no one to mind the kids, sick, kids are sick, sore back, sore leg, sore arse, just sore. I DONT WANT TO! So I gave that "talk" a stern talking to and I am really trying to get motivated.  

Organising my days, scheduling time to do everything is my trick.  I have No.2 cared for three days and No.1 at school five days and my little baby at home everyday so organising the chaos is important.  Working from home of course has major benefits and I would not change it for the world but more often than not, everything else takes over and I work late into the night to make up for lost time during the day.  Lost time is spent doing fun things with the littles so I will not complain.  And then there is me.  Yes little me.  And I ask myself.  How can I care for my family if I am not the best me that I can be? It scares me to think of how unfit and unhealthy I am.  So #projectme was born and lovely Nick invited me to his fantastic new gym Pure Class Health and Fitness to get #projectme off the ground.  

Once a week I will go to Pilates in the evening when the kids go to bed.  I will also attend a one on one with Nick for weights training once a week and he is happy for me to bring the little ones.  I was a little dubious about this but it worked out great and we all had fun.  Maybe even Nick! I will also step it out once or twice a week for a thirty minute walk.  

I love weights training and how it works the entire body so I am super trilled that I am getting the chance to do this.  

I have received a few messages today, asking if it worked out and I have to say it was a great work out.  It may not be everyday but I am happy to change it up to work in with the family and I think now that I have accepted this, it is much easier to get this programme off the ground.  

And if you are in the North Shore, I highly recommend you check out my lovely Nick.  You can find him here.

My Five Tips to getting motivated.

1 - Choose a time that is going to work with the entire family and you are going to be able to make it happen! Schedule the time in and stick with it! 

2 - Choose exercise that you will enjoy.  Not something that you will hate.  

3 - If it doesn't work out one day, then change it up and go with it.  We as Mothers cannot control everything. The day will take its own course!

4 - Go and buy some correct excercise leggings. A "friend" was mortified last week in a pilates class with Nick.  Half way through the class she noticed her fat a** and undies through her light leggings in the mirror and so did everyone else in the class! Poor thing.  I won't do that again! Yes it was me!

5 - Make it happen.  Make you No.1 a couple of times a week.  You will be surprised how much it will lift your mood. 

I know, I am not alone in this.  And would love to know if you are feeling the same? Write here or on Facebook or in a private message if you would like to keep motivated too.  

#projectme - Lets kick arse together!

Isn't he a cutie?? Yes you too Nick!


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