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We have had a fun-filled week here.  My little man was Christened on Sunday and it was a beautiful day.  I will share about that soon and how we managed to entertain our guests in our "building site"! 

The rest of the week has been consumed by my Irish thing.  I often tell people that I am involved in an Irish thing but it is difficult to explain.  Here it is in a nut-shell.  

Fifteen years ago, I decided to enter a “competition” called the Rose of Tralee.  

I did not know, how this one decision would change my world.  I walked into a room full of young woman with a similar dream: to become the Sydney Rose of Tralee.  This would mean that one of us would travel to Ireland and represent Sydney.  It is not a beauty contest.  It is a celebration of woman.  It is a reason for everyone that has a feeling that they are Irish to get together.  It is a time of the year that I get to hang with my Irish friends with Irish accents and Australian accents.  With girls who have grown up in Australia with Irish parents. with girls who are Irish but fell in love with Australia, with girls who were a Rose twenty plus years ago and love to reminisce and celebrate every year this beautiful tradition.  I love all of these people.  I love them all like family and love what the Sydney Rose of Tralee has given me.  

I was not crowed on the night.  I did not win but I am a winner.  My good god, am I a winner.  Every change in my life has been supported by this beautiful family.  Every career move watched and encouraged.  Every baby celebrated like it is the first baby ever born.  These people, you know who you are, are my people.

And now fifteen years on, I am still involved so I can give this back to young woman.  Woman who are about to embark on a career or who dream of returning to Ireland to reconnect with their roots.  In fifteen years I have seen many girl arrived on the first day, nervous, quiet and not sure if this is what she would like to do.  And then she will hear a heart felt message from one of our past Roses and the girl will decided to move forward.  This year we have nine.  Nine, smart, beautiful girls and they have grown already.  Formed new friendships and grown in confidence from the first day we met them.  This is a time that they can focus on themselves.  Make this all about themselves, their Irish roots and their family.  

I love my Rose.  I love everything it stands for.  For the past five years I have juggled a huge amount to stay involved.  Pregnancy, new babies, career changes, financial worries, life but nothing warms my heart more than when we stand together, this year on May 9th, and look around at what we have created for yet another year.  The opportunities given, the smiles on old friend’s faces, the memories and the celebration of being Irish.  

Weekly wrap-up.  This is where I have been for the past few weeks.  Working on staying connected. 

Love to hear -  Are you Irish?? 

Everywhere I go, I meet people who are Irish.  Irish decent and are so proud of it.  
'Tis some craic! 

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