Having a moment ... #chinwag

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Having a moment to reflect on our beautiful day yesterday. 

I took this photo in the church. I made an error with the timing (of course I did) and so we had a little time to stop running and wait for the Christening to start. My little man had a sleep in my arms, all 9kg of him and so I was forced to stop and just be in the church and that moment. It rarely happens and I'm not alone in this, I know.  

I don't think I have stopped in months. In this moment there were little tears as I looked around at all the beautiful people in our lives. My Mother who is here from Ireland (kick-arse fantastic Mother), my beautiful little family, our new gorgeous niece (amazing!) and the most generous group of people that love and support us in every way. Seeing everyone together, chatting busily, laughing and enjoying each other's company made my heart warm. I need more of these occasions, more laughter, more cuddles and tea drinking. There is just not enough.

Life is too busy right now. I think for everyone. It is just not us. We must slow down. Taking time for ourselves, family and our friends must be a priority. I want to be a better friend. Today #projectme I am going to organise myself. Get that calendar out and make this better. 

Do you feel the same?
Are you running around too much?
How do you manage?
Love and kisses and sharing is caring ...



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