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This week started out well with plenty of excitement in Nelson Bay.  

Master 5 was particularly excited about going to the beach everyday while we were there.  With unpredictable weather, I was unsure if we were going to achieve this but promised I would give it a go.  Thankfully it was beautiful.  You can read about it hereMs 3, the angel one, wore a plastic bag all week over her cast.  god bless her, it didn't bother her one bit.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, it is just amazing how she is coping with the entire situation.  She feeds herself with her left hand, she opens her drink bottle with no help, by dropping it to the ground, opening and lifting it again, colours and draws with her left hand, played happily on the beach in the sand and playgrounds and even ventured up the sand dune to go sand boarding!  All with her little pink cast covered in a plastic bag! Seriously! Could you do it?? Because I would still be in hospital with someone spoon feeding me! 

Nelson Bay was the perfect break that we all needed.  My Mom was with us, as she is visiting from Ireland and I absolutely loved taking her away for a few days. I LOVE having my Mom here.  LOVE I say! 

It was very relaxed with lazy mornings, pinics and lots of sun, sand and swimming. I highly recommend where we stayed. It was a gift. A noise one! Check it out here. It sleeps ten people! 

Bring your friends! Love family friendly holidays! 

School holidays are coming to a close.  As a first time Mom, I am unsure if I am delighted or terrified to get going with the next term. I am finding getting out the door five days a week exhausting and getting to school on time is, lets say a challange! I plan and plan but whatever happens, minutes or more just disappear and all of a sudden it is 830am and we are still not ready to leave!  I can DO THIS! You can do this.

YES we can! Do you feel the fear?

On our return from Nelson Bay, I had to face in to the issues we are having with our renovation. I asked three experts to come out and advise on our concrete floor.  I have not mentioned these issues much as I am so angry.  We have been left in a horrid situation and a floor is now two different coloured concretes.  Can you believe it!?! After all the time, effort, energy, planning and saving.  With this in mind and no option but to move forward we found a “professional” who came highly recommend to finish the floor.  This means, grinding, polishing, grouting, polishing again and the task goes on.  It is straight forward normally but our floor was a little challenging.  He took on the job knowing this.  However the floor now requires even further work! We again have to move out of the room for seven to eight days for the floor to be “finished” again.  No kitchen for seven days.  Am I cranky? Just a tad.

BUT life is short.  And this will not beat me.  Yesterday I took the matters into my own hands to get answers.  I have been waiting and waiting to know who is at fault and who will fix this problem.  I do not have the full story but enough that I can make decisions to move forward. Move forward so I can stop feeling this overwhelming feeling of stress that comes with this kind of a drama.   Remembering that there is more important things in life is key and that we have a roof above our heads, that we call home and everyone that lives here is healthy and happy.  

BUT fark it annoys me.  Let it go Elaine! I will .... soon ….

This morning we rose early to attend Master 5’s first soccer game.  He was beyond excited.  I realised that we may have built it up a little too much this morning when he asked if I could take a picture of him running out of the tunnel?!!!!!!  Bless … He did a great job and most importantly ran in the right direction at all times.  He may have even scored a goal but maybe not.  Depends who you are speaking to! He may as well have been playing for Liverpool because I nearly burst with pride.  There may have been a little tear! 

I then zoomed off for an afternoon of witty humour with some amazing woman in the blogging world.  It was my first time leaving my baby boy so a little difficult but lovely to get out there and meet some lovely new friends face to face.  Working at home alone can be a little lonely at times and it is the reason I love blogging and sharing with my beautiful people on here and Facebook.  Thank you.  I mean that.  Thank you.

And one of the best photos for last - We are still celebrating our new arrival.  My brother and his beautiful wife created this beauty.   We are in LOVE!  Just look at them ...

The "wrap up" quote of the week … 


“Mummy, why do you have a curly bagina”???? I laughed and laughed!

Love and kisses to all.  Here’s to a great week ahead of us! Full of laugher and fun and quiet cuppateas for us Moms.  

Nell xx

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