Holiday time and dragging my lazy arse up Sand dunes! Chinwag!

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Wonderful day again in Nelson Bay today.  I really feel like it is home away from home, which for me makes the best holiday.  Because it is Autumn we are not rushing out of the house every morning but taking our time, having  a nice breakfast and some badly needed down time for us all.

Today we headed for Anna Bay.  It was spectacular.  The sun was shining all day, only a few clouds in the sky for decoration and a little breeze to keep us cool. LOVE those days! I always pack a lunch for everyone when we go out like this.  I just don't see the point at this age to try and enjoy a nice cafe.  Also the kids just love a pinic anywhere.  Sometimes on the floor of the lounge room because it makes lunch at home a little more exciting! Anything for a little peace!
Today we packed the one and only ham sandwiches with cheese, fruit chopped up and ready to go, a few sesame snaps and coconut water.  The kids love coconut water.  
After lunch we headed off for a long walk across the beach. 

After the walk I thought it might be time for a little adventure and so I arranged for us to take the four wheel drive bus to the sand dunes and we went sand boarding.  

I thought I was going to pass out on our second round and the kids were only getting warmed up.  It was lots of fun but my dear god it was exhausting.  I felt extremely unfit and struggled to keep up with my three and five year olds.  I find it upsetting that I am this unhealthy right now. My heart is full when I think of my three little ones and I must turn my health around.  
I am a small girl and carry only a little weight but that is only 1% of the reason why I want to make changes.  The one and only reason is to increase my fitness so I can be a better Mother to my children and one that can keep up with them! Everything else pales in comparison.  There will be hopefully a few bonuses to being at my fitiest but being able to run up that hill with my little people next time we visit will be the best feeling in the world.  

I have some exciting news later this week about #projectme! I cannot wait to share when all is confirmed.  One day very soon, I will share why I feel so strongly about all of this.  Your health is your wealth! 
Anyone else keen to join in on the fun?? 
Do you too feel that it has been years since you have taken exercise serious and thought about yourself?

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