One of those crazy days ...

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One of those days.  The crazy days.  Today I feel my job is full on, labour intensive and farking exhausting. 

Well it started with madness getting ready for Mass.  Today we presented Joshua to the church as he will be Christened at the end of the month.  A very exciting day in our calendar.  It is a huge tradition for our family and I’m trilled my Mom is here to celebrate.  So it was all go this morning getting out the door with all three, Mom and hubby.  

We finally reached the door of the church at 955am and were asked to wait to walk up the church with the priest.  Ok I thought I can do this.  Then the words.  

“The top three rows are reserved for you”.  

Off we went.  My children are amazing at Mass.  
They roll between pews, crawl around, sneak past you when you are not looking and land themselves three pews away playing with someone else’s child and their toys.  Today was no different except we were at the top of the church! 
Between the two rolling around and Joshua perfecting and I mean perfecting his raspberries we were like the hired entertainment.  
We got through it.  I broke out in sweats, at least five times but we got there.
We then popped outside and joined the Morning tea. That was going swimmingly until I seen a couple of lovely old ladies holding themselves in the car park.  Looking injured, shocked and upset.  I ran over to see if they needed some help.  They were at Mass with their friend who had hopped in the car, didn’t see them and knocked them over! I am still reeling from this story.  We all had a chat, I checked them over, I offered the tea (you know I think it fixes everything!!) and when they refused, I helped them into the car.  Off they went.  All together and well they seemed happy out.  As I said Im still reeling.  I hope they are ok.  They are on my mind … 

I then dashed home with the crew and prepared to leave for our little break away at Nelson Bay.  My hubby stayed at home.  
But Mom is with me.
Packing for three children to go away.  Why. Do. I. Do. This. Because it will be fun.  I know it will.
The car was packed to the brink.  Not another thing would fit.  Do I really need all this stuff?? I think I do.  I always do.  But really ...
Thankfully the drive went well and everyone was happy 99% of the time.  We stopped at McDonalds for a bite to eat. They kids think this is the best thing since sliced bread.  I feel sick in my belly since.  Can’t bare it.  
Thinking about #projectme even more. 

We have arrived, unpacked and dressed the beds.  I have also packed away all the dried flowers, vases, mats, table dressings and anything else that may be used as a sword, flying carpet or bowling balls.  These kids have wonderful imaginations.  Just amazing.
We went shopping.  At 7pm.  The kids were so excited to be out in the dark.  Not a regular experience! 
My boy.  Look at him.  So confused why he is not in his cosy bed or pram and stuck in this metal thing! First time!

It’s 1015pm.  Finally all three are quiet and hopefully asleep. Scared to check. Ms Bella demanded to go home about a half an hour ago.  Just landed up beside me and I screamed, I got such a fright!  I then frighted the life out of her! A right pair!

Thank god my Mommy is with me.  Hopefully it will be a nice, warm, sun and beach few days with no pressure to do anything more.  
Keeping you posted as we go.  

Have you got some fun holidays planned?
Are you kids staying up until all hours but exhausted?
Are you enjoying school holidays?

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