The 'Brelfies' ... Love it!

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Things that make me cross! Oh so feckin cross!

I love that I can feed my babies. I'm proud that I can. I've had my moments with feeding and it is not easy all the time but I love that I can start my babies on their food journey in this way. I'm sick to death listening to people who believe woman should cover up. I entered a conversation a couple of months ago about it. I cannot believe the attitude of some people. It was a story about a woman feeding in a restaurant and the head waiter arrived at the table with a huge napkin and asked her to cover up.  She posted her story on facebook and well the reaction was huge.  It caused a little bit of a movement and so it should.  

99% of the time I have had no issues at all with feeding.  I have fed practically everywhere.  Sometimes with a cover, mostly without.  That is my choice.  And mine only.  

On this particular post I read some of these suggestions ... This is what makes me so cross.  Cross I tell you!

Suggestion 1 - Pump before you leave the house and feed your baby with a bottle while out! Seriously do these people know anything about breast feeding. Some babies will feed just fine this way but a lot of babies won't take a bottle. Refuse no matter what a Mother does. And most importantly if a Mother has decided to breast feed why should she have to do this. 

Suggestion 2 - Cover with a blanket! Do you think a baby wants to sit under a blanket to feed. Do you know some babies will refuse to feed when you do this. Depending on where I am I will use a cover or I may not. It's my decision. Last week I used a nursing cover that I received as a gift. I sat down to feed my baby with my family and three men (small children trapped in man bodies!!) and began to feed my precious boy under the nursing cover and the boys began their eye rolling and immature comments! It lasted approximately 10 seconds as I wasn't long putting them in their place with my stares and a sharp comment. My children were there. They were so disrespectful to our family. I was mad beyond belief. 

Another excellent suggestion!!

Go to a toilet and feed. Would you eat your dinner in a toilet you twit!!

I could go on and on but I won't ...

We as Mothers make decisions. We decide how we are going to feed. If it is by bottle or by breast why do people feel they can judge. 

Stop judging and start supporting Mothers in their decision. It's hard enough without this silly carry on!

And did you know silly people, they are only boobs and they are required for babies to feed from their Mother, the way nature intended! 

Ok I'm nearly done! I'm on a roll! 

If you see a Mother bottle feeding DO NOT judge. You have no idea what is going on in their lives. Treatment for a Mother, a baby with extreme reflux, a baby that could not latch and the list goes on. A decision was made that was the best for that family. It's none of your business!

So today I'm sharing a photo I'm proud of. 

Love and kisses to every Mother.  Be proud! We do an awesome job!

Ah yes I'm feeling better now .....

If you would like to read more about Brelfies have a look at ABC today ... Some amazing photos!

Do you have a cool brelfie to share?? 


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