Life at the moment ... Broken arms and new babies on the way ... (NOT mine)!

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First off I have no idea where time goes! Do you?! Please explain ... 

My sweet little boy who is now seven months is going through a "virus" stage. Which equals lots of carrying again. Is this not the most annoying conversation you can have with a doctor time and time again. He is unsettled in his sleeps during the day, cranky, refuses to lie flat on the floor and has a sore red throat for six weeks. He is also pulling on one ear. We have seen our GP four times, put our vaccinations off since six months and still have no answers. Today we are heading to the paediatrician. I have had enough. He is an amazing paediatrician and has treated both Joshua and Annabelle since they were born. He is very expensive but what can you do? I refuse to wait. So off we go today. He is up right now and feeding hence I have a moment to share. I'm thinking the word "reflux" will be flung around.

Annabelle my sweet, sweet girl. LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE BROKEN LIMBS!

My good god. If I had the same break, I would request my mother to be spoon feeding me, wiping my lily white arse and dressing me. How resilient is she! She is so independent, so beautiful and the best patient. In the hospital she told me over and over again that she loved me and that I was very patient. She also listened to EVERYTHING the doctors said and repeated it all to me when they were gone. She just lights up my life. I have no idea how I created this angel. But she may stay away from adventure for a wee while! 

Master 5. Can you hear the music playing in the back ground as announced Master 5! "Dont, dont, dont, dooooooon"!!!! He is a little whirlwind! Last week I asked the teacher how is was going at school. She said he was very quiet! I looked to the left, to the right, behind me and then back to the teacher and said "My James"!!! She said "yes" ... I was gobsmacked!! Delighted and gobsmacked! He is NOT quiet at home. Not for one minute. He is fun loving, funny, smart and very Feckin loud! Wonder where he gets the loud from!? 

He also received five kindy dollars this week which I hear is very impressive and you know I feel overwhelmed with relief. I think there is a chance, as a first time school Mom that I may have been holding my breath for the past three months! 

In other news we are waiting patiently for a family baby to arrive. My brother Dot and his wife Ciara are having their first baby and are over due by a few days. You know that feeling!? Waiting. Waiting. Waiting! Fun? No. But we know at some point over the coming days a beautiful baby will arrive and I can't feckin wait! I might burst! Burst with excitement! 

My Mom is also here playing the waiting game and so excited to meet her next grandchild. New babies: They really make the world just right. 

More new lovely things have arrived this week. I cannot wait to launch our new site with the most amazing gifts for everyone and anyone under Five! I am re-vamping and hope you love our new direction. 

Love hearing from you all when I finally write something, anything, so keep those comments, advice and healing thoughts coming ... 

You may just make one person's day and isn't that all that matters!

Love to all ...


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