My top tips for getting to school in torrential rain!

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Well that's just a farce as there is no easy way! It's a bit of a ducking nightmare with no easy way. This morning I was hanging in my new kitchen!

Isn't it fab! More on that later.

And I heard a new sound. No idea what it was, so went outside. It was the sound of rain on my new roof. Which is one of my favourite sounds.  And then I realised within a moment, that I had to get all three small people in and out of the car, five times in a half an hour! 
First plan of attack. Pray that it stopped. 
Didn't work. So I left at the last minute and ran to the car with one at a time. We park outside the door and so it's about a two metre dash. Soaked. Raincoats and all. 
Right, deep breath, we are in. 
Started driving to the school, chatting really positivity about the drop off scenario with Master 5.
He was not having it!
Not at all. No can do.
At this point, we are in the line for kiss and ride and there is no going back. He would not get out of the car, which I accepted completely with a  smile and cheery voice. He is only five and still my baby. And then there it was with a beam of light over it. A car space. Right there in the car park of the school.  I drove slowly through the traffic and children (in my head, a high speed manoeuvre, finishing with a hand break turn into the space while I high fived myself!).  
A mad dash into the school with all four of us squashed under the large umbrella and I finally had one dropped off.  Back to the car and with one less, we dropped Ms 3 to her school.  
I am not sure how my little man, who is now 6 months, does it.  He is dragged from here to there and copes very well.  Today unfortunately no sleep in the morning after a cat nap in the car but so be it.   
My one tip! Just one.  You may or may not know it but I thought I would throw it out there.  
I always put the umbrella up first and when I open the door of the car, I hang the umbrella over the door and the roof of the car so I can unbuckle belts etc. and load out of the car without getting too wet.  It works nicely.  
Yes your hubby will say it will scratch the car but my thinking.  What they don't know, won't hurt them! 
That is where my tips start and end!
The rest is just bolt.  Run! Or at least walk at high speed.  My umbrella is huge and covers us all.  I wish I had a photo to show you! We were a funny little bunch racing through the school all squashed under the one huge umbrella. 
And of course the worst thing that can happen. We get wet.  Its not the end of the world.  
Are you an experienced Mom, driving to school with some great tips? Please share!

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