Chinwag ... night out with an old friend and what I learnt about myself ...

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Tonight I went our by myself to the city, to meet a lovely old friend I've know since I was five! She is not old and is just beautiful. 

What I learnt about myself tonight after having three kids in five years. 

I have no going out clothes. However I do have a liking for accessories and so I felt "grand" heading out with my uniform of jeans and a white t-shirt with a big knecklace (and a big knickers), small clutch and a pair of heels. 

I cannot walk in heels. Not exaggerating. I had pains up my calves when I put the heels on tonight and walked three metres up the hallway! It did not improve. My legs are broken.

I wear too much clothing to be out in the city! My T-shirt alone would have been too much material! My good god where did the young ones leave their clothes! 

I like to go to restaurants for the entire night. Not too loud and no rushing me. Don't even consider removing my plate until I've everything gone! Long, lazy dinner! 

Desserts are a must. And so is tea at 11pm. Don't judge me. 

I'm officially "old"! I know this. 

I love, love seeing people I've known forever! It's like we only met yesterday. Catching up in news, sharing tales, remembering a close friend and old times. 

I love meeting new people and will always be astonished at how small the world is. We know the same people from my previous life in Real Estate. Small, small world. And a lovely girl to boot!

Im a twit to have forgotten a spare hair tie.  Mine broke in the middle of dinner so my lovely hair full of wax, fell down.  Shocking carry on! 

But I have to share how I arrived at the city. I jumped in the car but had no idea how I would get there or where I would park. On the way I had a brain wave! I parked in Balmain and waved down a taxi and within minutes I was dropped outside the restaurant! Just like that, Darling Harbour! If I drove I would have had to find a space and walk for 20 minutes in the damn heels! The feeling of success from this little win will last for days! 

And that's it. My night out in a nut shell. Another in approximately six months time if I recover well tomorrow! 

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