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We survived ...
I was very nervous about today. It was a big milestone for everyone and thankfully went off according to plan. My little fella was delighted going in the gate this morning with Mom, Dad and his siblings beside him. 
When Master 5 woke this morning, he crawled into bed with me. This is nothing strange but this morning he snuggled closer.  He brought his favourite toy that he sleeps with since he was a baby. He asked last night if he could take him and I said yes. Tears had sprung to his little eyes and with me being close to tears myself, I promised. I did. I thought, if he remembers in the morning, I'll let him take him. He remembered and was packed in the school bag to go to with him.  I also stuffed a note from Mommy and Daddy in his pocket. I wrote a note for reassurance with a little picture on a triangle of material with a permanent pen. They were both delighted. Miss 3 took some time to decide where she was going to keep it.  We were nearly late due to the decision making!
She rose early this morning and with a big smile. Thankfully both were excited and didn't really mind when I said No TV on school mornings. 

We left the house early, parked and walked with many other families along the road to the school. There was excitement in the air with lots of chatting and laughter. My little man was keen to get in the gates.

And off he went. Much hugging and kissing and he was happy. 
My heart broke a little. I think I held my breath until he smiled in the classroom. He was happy and so was I. 

Our little girl was next. She attended daycare prior so she was super confident and very excited. Master 5 attended the same preschool. Miss 3 knows the school well which made the difference and off she went too with a smile and full of wonderment. Bless her little heart!

And then I was alone. Daddy returned to work and I had a taste of being at home alone with my little bubba. But not for long as today was a half day so it really was running from one place to the other. 

On pick up, both were smiling and happy. Excited that I was there to pick them up. Master 5 asked if he could go and say goodbye to his friend. I was delighted and he wondered over to a family with a little girl. My heart swelled as he is very much a boy's boy. Bless their little hearts. Little smile and a goodbye wave ... 
The little Miss misplaced her lunch box and drink bottle. She was not impressed.  We searched and found thank god. 

On the way home, I asked about the packed, crunch, morning teas and lunches.  Miss 3 was very happy with hers but Master 5 informed me that he had crunch first then lunch.  No morning tea.  I packed morning tea! Enough for a lunch as he is a hungry little man right now but then I realised I packed this ....!!!!! The one and only, circled in blue! A quater of a sandwich! For morning tea! Stop judging me! 

Picture this ... 

Teacher to other Teacher

"Go over there, go on, go see the small fella's lunch! You would want to see the sandwich the parents gave him"!!!!

OMG! Going big tomorrow! 

After out big first day at school I wanted to make an easy dinner so whipped up a Frittata. I'm no chef but I give it a go trying to use mostly fresh foods, organic and free range. 

I threw a few spuds and sweet potato (sweet spuds!) into the oven chopped up with a little olive oil and sprinkle of salt. 
My Frittata. Here it goes .. 

1 onion
Some garlic 
2 tomatoes
Half capsicum 
1 teaspoon of homemade Thermomix vegetable stock
A handful of mushrooms

I chop and cook all of the above ingredients together in an oven safe pan over low heat. 
I usually throw it in as I'm cutting it up and always start with onion and garlic. 
Add the stock once all the vegetables are in. 
I add the ham last. 

I then mix 8 eggs with a good dollop of milk and knob of butter. 

I pop this in the same pan, on top of the vegetables. Give it a good mix around and cook for 3-5 minutes on the stovetop. 

I then pop it in the oven and let it cook for 20-30 minutes. I never know the exact time as my ingredients can change depending what is in the fridge. 

Tips ...
Don't over cook as it becomes spongie ... 
Don't over think because it really doesn't matter what you put in! It will be yummy!

For the last 5 minutes you can also add a sprinkle of cheese. And that's that! A yummy Frittata! 

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