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I love a chat.  I love a good old chinwag with my friends.  In person or on the phone and never stop.  Some of my friends love it.  Some people think ... "nah, not for me" ... they are not really friends. Much. 

Chinwag is all about what is going on in my mind.  I share.  I like to.  I sometimes over share.

Today. What is on my mind? My little man, Master 5, going to school.  I AM STRUGGLING A BIT! 

I chat to him daily about the fun he will have.  About lunch breaks, friends he will meet, the teachers, the uniform, school bag.  The chats go on.  I love it.  He loves it.

See he doesn't know.  He doesn't know Im freaking out! But if I write it here, one day he will read it and know that I was struggling. And loving him too much. Struggling to leave him go.  Nervous for him to head off, on his own without me.  Nervous about him meeting friends.  Maybe he will chat too much, like me.  Maybe he won't.  Will he eat his lunch.  Will he be scared.  Will I talk to him about that. We decided no.  He is not nervous.  He is very excited and looking forward to going to big school. 

I can feel the tears thinking about it.  And on the other side of the coin, I know, we have made the right decision. He is only 5 today. But he is ready. He will love it.  He will love making new friends.  He will love learning new things.  He will probably love having some time away from Mom! 

Mom. Me. I will be grand.  I need a little time.  The house is crazy.  The renovations still going.  My baby boy needs more time with me and my little woman will love some down time with Mom.  My business would like a little more attention and then there is a few other "jobs" that require some time.

Oh and that other fella that hangs around the house from time to time.  So helpful he is.  Always tidying and putting away things.  Makes a bit of dinner.  Baths a kids from time to time.  Yes my husband.  He is lovely.  He is a hipster but not sure why as we never go out.  

He likes to look nice see.

Love you babe.  Promise you might get some time too. Someday .....



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