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As I promised, I am sharing how I made a party bunting for our Lego mad boy. We are having a Lego themed party on Sunday and I really wanted to decorate with Lego colours. So instead of buying a bunting, I decided to make it. 
Question is, can I sew. And the answer is, I can. Mind you, that was a long time ago. Home economics class.  Remember that? I can.  Just about. My sewing skills consist of sewing on a badge for karate, stitching a hem or maybe a button. 
I planned to pull this bunting together this week, prior to the party. On Monday we headed off and purchased the material. Master James picked his favourite Lego colours and I purchased enough for a six metre bunting. 
Today I went down to my friend's house and planned to make the bunting with her sewing machine. It has been a while and I think she knew this. Do you see where this is going?
We sat together and cut the material in a shape of a diamond. 

Then my little man woke and required a feed. Convenient one might say. I sat and watched my lovely friend pin all the material to the rope. She then positioned herself at the machine and ran her crafty hands over the material and off she went. Sewed like someone was chasing her! Am I chasing her? I hovered. I wondered. Will I ask? Will I step in? Will I push her aside? Yerra I'll let her at it! 

I was instructed to fray an edge. I did what I was told and when she got up for five minutes to "pop" the dinner on, I continued to "fray" the edges. I didn't dare to even look at the lovely machine.
She was back in record time and off she went again. 
A couple of hours later, her house destroyed from out of control kids while playing nicely all afternoon, dinner done and dusted, a contented baby and we have this beautiful bunting! 

So my tips for making your own bunting! Find a great friend like mine!! 

Check it out! 

The picture does not do it justice.  It is only lovely ....

Exceptional multi-tasker is this friend .....

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