Chinway #009 ...

Posted on January 18, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Today has been a tough day.  A day that we lost someone special, far too young.  Our friend passed away today.  He left his beautiful baby boy, a very close knit family and many, many friends the world over.  
I met Chris when I was just 16.  I fell in love with his best friend. My darling hubby. 
Moments I had forgotten have returned today.  Fun times, lots of laughs and moments of madness.
We spent many nights out together and lazy days in the sun.  It was a great Summer.  I grew up that Summer.  
Over the years we all moved in different directions and met regularly on our return home.  We had that comfortable relationship where you could say anything.  And if you know me, you know I speak my mind.  We often fought but he was well able for me and thankfully didn’t take much notice of me either!
He is a gentle soul that left us today and will never be forgotten.  He has reminded us all that life can be short and should not be wasted.  Live and let live.
Rest in peace Chris.  We will miss you ….
Love ….



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