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Finally a moment to breath and getting a little further with the renovations.  I can't say it has been extremely tough but certainly not easy.  There has been a few days when I have longed for quietness, no dust, my old kitchen back and of course my air conditioning but most days I have loved being a part of it all.  A quick holiday to Nelson Bay this week took the edge off and lightened the mood.  

There is always something that goes wrong and unfortunately for us, it is our concrete slab.  This would usually not be an issue.  However we decided a very long time ago that we would like polished concrete in our next renovation. We are in the process of polishing at the moment and I am hoping that the end result will be the beautiful floor I have pictured for so long. Fingers crossed. 

Otherwise all else is going great.  We are delighted with all of our choices and cannot wait until it is at lock up stage which is only a couple of weeks away! Yah for us! 

Today we had a brick layer in and I love the finished product.  It combines the extension with the old house very well. 
We recycled the bricks from our outhouse which are identical to the main house.  All they need now is a clean once everything is set.

Excuse the photo, it is a little difficult from this angle.  The side of the house did not have any windows however it was the last wall to be closed in and when we seen the nice light that came through we decided to leave it open.  We have ordered, floor to ceiling glass and plan to plant a garden outside.  We hope that we will not need to proceed with skylights in later months due to this change.  

On the left is our walk in pantry with twenty-five power points to charge every little device in the house.  From the leap pad to the iPad to the dyson.  

On the right will be our guest bathroom with access from the hallway.

This is where our kitchen will be.  The window will be our splash back with cupboards above and below.  Still working out the design in more details but very happy with the size and plans to date.  I find this probably the hardest decision to make as I want it to be perfect, family friendly, party ready and easy to maintain.  More on that over the coming months.

The outdoor area. Need some inspiration to combine the end of the concrete with the grass area.  Working on a few ideas.  

So that is where we are up to.  It is taking its time but overall we are coping well. The kids are still loving it and really think it is just a part of life.  They have not been able to go out in the garden over the past week which is a little difficult for Master 5, who fancies himself as a builder.  Hopefully next week we will have a clean floor, less dust and many more trades coming in to finish the job.  

If you are planning a renovation and like anything you see, please do not hesitate to private message me for information.  



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