chinwag #008 ... funfair fun & a crazy tantrum!

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Am I a lunatic?!

Probably but there was no other choice.  We passed it on the first night we were in Nelson Bay and Master 5 did not forget! No he did not! 

He asked every hour of every day, like every other 5 year old. I said ok. We can go, one night, if you are good.  Do you use that line often? “If you are good”! Im like a broken record. 
So off we went last night to the Funfair.  I was a little nervous and not entirely sure how I was going to do it but had to give it a go.  I decided to ditch the pram and take my darling boy in my Ergo.  LOVE that Ergo! The comfort, the support, the freedom.  Makes it so easy to hold two other little hands. 
On arrival I worked out that most rides would take three to four and even six coupons so purchased twenty-four after a stroll around and realising there was a few things we could go on. 
First stop was the tea cups! We eased our way into it.  Ms 3, was delighted and we sang “Im a little teapot” while we went around and around and around.  Master 5, was acting like a teenager with a “this is so boring” face on him! You know the one.  My little boy was asleep already, snug as a bug with Mommy.  
Second stop, to watch the roller coaster.  There was no way anyone was going on it, so I thought! Master 5 had a different idea and tried to get on when it stopped. We moved away quickly and popped over to the slides. They were a bit high for my liking and again I was unsure.  But off he went.  Climbing each step with his little bag over his shoulder.
Cool out .... I would have been nervous! Whats with that!?!
In the meantime, Ms 3 was swanning around! The worst ride I've ever seen.  She was delighted!
Back to the roller coaster.  He begged.  I gave in and asked a little family if they would take M5 on with them.  Off he went.  Delighted with himself. 
Me.  Yeah.  Freaking out! I think thats me with the kind of freaking out voice! He is in the second carriage with a little nervous face on him! On the third round he was grinning from ear to ear ...
We were left with two tokens and the only ride that we could go on was the slide.  So off we went and this time my little Ms 3 ventured up also! Of course her older brother ran up and she missed going down with him.  I prepared my camera and off she went! A bit backwards, a bit sideways and I lost my focus and didn't record! I was so glad to see her at the end with a huge smile.  The little pet.  No video but she was excited.  
We strolled around some more.  I avoided the high sugar sweet items and after a couple of more slides, I decided enough was enough.  So picture this - walking out, everyone holding hands, my heart is full of love and pride and he spots a DAMN duck game.  I HATE them feckin games! I win nothing EVER! He was beside himself with excitement.  He could win a sword.  Yes one of those lovely, ugly, plastic toys that I love! NOT! 
I said No.  And that was it.  One huge, nightmare of a tantrum.  Now let me tell you, I have avoided most tantrum stages with Master 5.  Yes we escaped the terrible twos, the threes and so on.  But not the fives.  No, Im not escaping this one. He stomped off.  Chin held high and a fine puss on him.  I gathered speed with Ms 3 dragged along beside me.  He was having none of my talk.  “You've had a lovely night, lets not spoil it”, “Maybe a sword for your Birthday, in a few weeks”, "Stop now ...." Nothing worked so I grabbed that little arm and walked really quickly to the car and literally threw them all in before I sped off at high speed! I was so feckin cross.  I was beyond exhausted and not impressed that he would re-act this way.  So I did what every normal parent would do and officially lost my shit! I gave him one hell of a lecture.  
He cried, I got teary and we had loads of hugs at sleep time.  This stage is damn exhausting! Are you finding this?! 
Funfair was great! My parting tip.  Walk at high speed past the bloody games unless you know you can win! 



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