chinwag #006 ... farm visit with the mad goats!

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

James has been watching some programs about farms and loving it.  So when we were driving up to Nelson Bay he was asking if every second place was a farm.  We spotted many animals on the way and loved it.  So when he asked if we could go visit a farm, I of course said that I would look into it for him.  

We found Oakvale Farm and headed off in the afternoon. On arrival we were given three bags of food.  All good.  We were told to feed the free range animals. We strolled to the gate and BOOM these crazy mad goats and sheep ran at us! I was not expecting it. I had James and Annabelle on either side of the pram with an ice-cream and a sleeping baby.  Nana Trish thank god was with us and walked over to a swing with Annabelle and left me with three bags of god damn animal food! First I thought they had escaped and thought how cute and funny.  But no.  They had a trained ear to the gate and to the paper bag.  And with one little bang of the gate, they left whatever they were doing and ran for whoever entered the gate. Then with one russell of the paper bag they worked out who had what and were jumping all over us! James dropped his first bag and they turned on that.  The poor little fella ran for his life and landed in this little machine.  There was no warning and they were starving! Once he got inside, he tried to finish his ice-cream but a little lamb joined him and stole his ice-cream! Not a happy camper! But look at his little head in the machine! Hilarious! The rest of the farm was lovely. It was more of a small petting zoo that farm but cute all the same. 


The day was so hot and the kangaroos lazed around in the shade. I was keen to join them but thought they may get upset!

Finally sitting in his be-loved tractor.  Boys will be boys ...

No farm needed for this little man. Only eyes for his big brother! Bless his little heart.  

We seen many animals and a lovely afternoon.  If you are in the area, I would recommend visiting.  

All the little ones were wearing Hootkid.  It is a beautiful brand and so much fun with their bright colours and great prints.  Check them out here. 





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