Chinwag #005 ... Our perfect beach ...

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Day 3 going solo .... 

I'm a bit tired.  My friends are brilliant and helping so much.  Just like Grandparents which is lovely ...

But you know what it is like.  Still swivel head watching everyone and making sure everyone is ok.  We tried out a different beach today.  It was beautiful but not as kid friendly as the one we were at the day prior.  

My requirements for the beach with three little ones - 

{{ - A beach where no pram is required.  Even though Joshua is only five months, I don't like to drag the pram across the sand.  It drives me bonkers! I can't even bare seeing someone else doing it! I do use a capsule so that makes it easier. 

}} - I like the beach to be only metres from the parking space.  Makes it much easier to load and unload.

{{ - Shade.  I love a nice leafy tree, close to the water. 

}} - Not too busy! Now Im going a bit far but stick with me!

{{ - A nice little coffee shop with a great cuppatea (yes you can get bad tea) and a little gluten free something for me!

}} - And lastly for the little ones, little or no waves! 

I'm in love with Balmoral in Sydney.  We love going over on the weekends and yes it is busy but usually we find a spot pretty easy and always close to the beach front. The kids love it.  The water is also beautiful and very clean.  I have been to some other small beaches in and around the harbour and just cannot deal with floating rubbish.  

The beach of choice at Nelson Bay is Dutchman's Beach (Dutchies).  It ticks all my boxes, except the cafe.  I can deal with that.  I think ...

This is Dutchies Beach and there was seaweed there yesterday but not everyday.  I love the smell as it reminds me of my home town, my childhood and beach adventures with my cousins.  

Taking the kids to the beach is such a great morning out. I haven't been going enough at home in Sydney.  I don't necessarily need to live closer to the beach, I just need to organise myself to go.  Now that I've had a little taste of going with the three little ones over the past couple of weeks, I am going to make an effort to do it more often.  My Master 5 loves swimming and playing on the boogie board for the entire time we are at the beach. My little Ms, I have worked out likes to have a little swim, then change her clothes and play with the sand.  She is a funny little girl. The wet sand seems to irritate her! Im going to go with this now rather than fight it. Spare swimmers packed for tomorrow. My little man sleeps like a dream in his capsule at the beach at the moment so I am going to take advantage and get my arse in gear at least once a week. 

AND lastly! The damn snake! I cannot believe we came across this little fella! It was on a walk way surrounded by little bush that backed up to a beach at Fingal Bay.  We were scooting and walking along the footpath when a lady passed up on a bike and called out "Snake"! James had scooted by before we noticed it.  He was very still and looked like a branch.  He was only a little baby but still a Brown snake.  I just did not expect it I suppose.  

Here is the little bugger! Kids were delighted of course! 

{{Trying to upload video to here but its not working.  Will do shortly}}

So today I'm thinking if you have an offer of going away with your friends but without your partner.  I say go for it.  It can be done.  Our single parent friends do it everyday. My Mom did it everyday.  It's not easy but very possible. 




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