Chinwag #004 ... Today Im going solo ...

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Im not sure if I am mad or not but Ive taken off for four nights to Nelson Bay with the three kids alone.  ALONE.

Our beautiful family friend's have a holiday home. It is spacious, light filled, clean and most importantly, air conditioning and no renovations going on. They are here and invited us to come along.  Maybe they are mad!! Unfortunately my hubby could not take the time off work so I made the decision to go alone with the little ones.  This is the first time I have ever headed off on a big drive alone.  It is only three hours or so but that is a long way for this Irish girl.  You can drive from one end of Ireland to the other in 10 hours or so.

I planned the trip around Joshua's sleep time and headed off at 930am.  The little ones were so excited.  Car packed to the brink with everything from swimmers, nappies, books, lego to my trusty thermomix.  Joshua is on solids and the thermomix makes my life that much easier and so it was packed and ready to go before anything else! 

We had one big stop half way at the one and only McDonalds.  It was like Christmas for these two.

And a damn toy.  A lovely rounded piece of plastic.  I love a useless piece of plastic that they call a toy.  NOT.

My sweet little baby slept most of the way or chirped happily in the back with his siblings.  He is rear facing and sits beside James.  James can make him smile with only a look, that melts my heart.

We sang songs, made funny animal noises and talked about the drive.  Love the questions.  

How long more? A long time. We only left the house five minutes ago.  

Is this another Country? Yes darling, we are in Fiji.  

Are we on holidays.  Yes love.

And they went on and on. It's like watching their little brains ticking over ... Don't you love it. 

We arrived with no delays.  Unloaded the car.  Took an hour.  Not really but felt forever.  

Kids were so quiet and I should have known ...

 A pretty little display destroyed! Why not. For heaven sake! The stress of it ...

I ran off and did some shopping and left them at the house with Nana Trish.  They love Nana Trish.  

I was feeling vey successful at 6.50pm.  Dinner cooked and eaten, baths done, teeth brushed & everyone in the room ready to sleep.  It took two damn hours for the two to go to sleep.  Of course my wee man was asleep in no time.  I think he knows that he has no other choice with the other two!

And it started - I need to wee, I need to poo.  I can't sleep.  Swapping beds, running around etc. 

So I said ...

We are not looking for a farm to visit tomorrow.  If you get out of the bed again we are not going to the beach.  Please go to sleep.  Please be my best boy.  Please stop. Why? Ok we are going home.  Nothing worked.  It took me two hours to come up with the idea.  Put them in separate rooms.  Five minutes later.  Asleep. 

Finally I'm sitting down with a cuppa, chocolate and my feet up.  Everything is quiet.  Everyone is happy and we have a fun filled day planned for tomorrow. This will not happen tomorrow evening because they will be exhausted! I am going to run them ragged at the beach, a bush walk, a scooter ride and anything else I can think of.

First day down.  Four to go and really I'm feeling a lot better about it all ... Or is that the chocolate talking ...



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January 13, 2015

Oh Elaine I loooove your blogs!!!! It’s like reading a mini story….. You need to try n write for a magazine!!! Some mags would just love your words and humour ??

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