Chinwag #003 ... Feel like it is my first day at school ....

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

I know, I know I sound selfish but jaysus it is stressful thinking of our little people going off for their first day at school.

My Master four will be Master five on January 27th so only two days prior to attending school.  This is something that has been on my mind for a couple of years.  Will I, won't I? Will I, won't I send him.  We decided early this year while attending pre-school that we would apply for our local Catholic school.  We felt, himself was ready and to be honest I felt more than ready.  The decision to send him to a Catholic school was not hard as we both attended Catholic school as children, were both raised as Catholics in Ireland and planned to raise our children as Catholics.  Not just Christmas and Easter Catholics but not every Sunday Catholics.  You get the drift! 

After the interviews with the school, I spoke to his amazing pre-school teachers and they both agreed that James was ready to go.  And so the decision was made.  He is going but now I DONT WANT HIM TO GO! 

It's the five days a week that upsets me most.  Five days away from me. I know, I sound ridiculous but I bet I'm not alone.  I have plenty to do, more babies at home and may even have time to scratch my arse and that makes me a little happy and excited but otherwise Im devastated. 

Does he know? Not at all. I put my cheery face on every time school is mentioned and we chat about going to "big" school everyday. The excitement is outrageous! Sure look ....

He is so ready. So excited.  He is practicing wearing his uniform around the house daily. Today we went to the shops to investigate shoes.  While the older kids sulked around the shop, strutting their attitude out while wearing the ugliest shoes Ive ever had to buy in my life, my fella was doing laps at 40mph to show us how fast he could run in the school yard. Bless his little heart.  So we are ready.  With a new haircut. New ugly shoes and a great attitude. 

But I will cry.  I will.  And I don't care who is watching.  

Are you nervous? Have you tips for a first time Mom?



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