Chinwag #002 - the hubby's day ...

Posted on January 10, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Renovations.  Renovations.  Renovations.

Overall I am loving it but somedays. Well somedays I could scream and I do.

At the moment the concrete floor is being polished.  Sounds good.  A very clean sounding word.  DON'T BE FOOLED LIKE ME PEOPLE!  It's a bastard of a job.  Rather you than me type job.  Polish - it is not.  They grind the floor.  Yes grind the concrete which creates not dust, no that would be easy.  It creates slurry.  Thick, slimy slurry that eventually dries.  

And because we are repairing this damn floor after the poor job completed by the concreters (read here), I am in and out discussing the issues with the builder and polishing guys.  We discuss many things including the dips, pools of water, how to fix, how to move forward and how I need to build a bridge and get past this but I can't right now! While these discussions occur the back door is open.  And little people sneak out.  Little staffys sneak out and the slurry and its white powder is taken right back in and all around the house! Lovely.  I have decided to accept and do not drive myself crazy cleaning the floor every five minutes. 

Today I left the house for the first time, by myself, since having my beautiful baby boy, Joshua.  Got my hair done.  Loving myself ...

And hubby was at home alone with all three, sneaky staffy and the builders.  He decided to clean the floor and keep it clean.  Bahahahaaaa! Bahhahaaaaa! I have to say he did it! He did but god he must be worn out.  Not to be beaten he also fed Joshua his dinner, who was not impressed that Mommy was missing, prepared a little dinner for the rest of the family and washed the dog, wait for it, four times!!!! Jack, our staffy escaped out the door four times. So four times he lifted him into the shower and washed him! 

Oh it makes me laugh and laugh! But he did it ... fair play ... love you babe.  

Today I do anyways ...! 

Lets see how long it survives! 


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