Chinwag #001 ... Today was just one of those lovely days ....

Posted on January 09, 2015 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

The noise started at 7am sharp this morning! Men on a mission I suspect!

The extension is well on its way this week.  We are currently splashing around in a load of slurry as the floors are being polished.  My good god that has to be one of the dirtiest jobs around! Shocking! But from what I can see under all of this is a pretty, good looking floor.  Im holding my breath on that one but Im thinking it will turn out alright after all the drama.  The roof is also underway.  So with many people on the job, another room taken up with extension cords and the deafening noise, it was time for us to get out of the house! The four walls are closing in this week. And that is what we did.

I made a call to my lovely friend who just returned from New Zealand and we decided that a quick trip to Bunnings was in order.  Are we mad? And a bit sad? No and Yes! Bunnings is a great place to keep the kids entertained while you stroll around looking at items you really don't need.  Today was one of those days although I think my dear friend needed one or two bits.  

With a trolley each and a warning of no running we headed off around the store and they were so good! Yes Im surprised, it doesn't happen often but today they were chilled and enjoyed each other's company.  From time to time, it seemed they couldn't hear us (choosing to ignore stern warning, when a gallop began) but overall they were great! 

Sure look ....

And then of course I couldn't help myself being ridiculous (I like to say this in a NZ accent, why?) and popped my little man in one of the trolleys.  I went with Annabelle's as I knew she wouldn't try to take him for a spin around the shop! James was keen but there was no way and the other two just can't be trusted! No I don't mean that really but no! 

Check him out!

Stop it! So cute!

And a close up ... cause its too funny!

Ah stop it! Makes me smile every time I look ....

Why am I so besotted with this little one? Is it because he is my last? Or my third so no real surprises? I don't know but I could just look, smell, take a bite out of him every moment of every day! 

After a play in the playground while us Moms busily had a cuppatea/coffee/biscuit, my lovely friend invited us over for lunch.  Actually I invited myself. Same, Same.  

And we relaxed.  Again it seems that someone was looking down on us from the heaven's above or gave the kids a valium as they had a wonderful afternoon of play ... 

Lazy days with friends for any age has to be the best ....

Love you my friend .. you know who you are ...




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