Im a tad feckin cranky today ...

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I LOVE renovating.  I mean it.  Even with three little ones, two who like to join the builders everyday and have to be torn away and a little fella that requires a little bit of attention at the moment because he is adorable. And I still love renovating. It's busy. No it's madness but its my kind of fun!

But I canNOT understand some people.  How dishonest, heartless, unprofessional and downright rude.  

My concrete contractors. 

This renovation means so much to us.  We have worked hard to be able to do this extension.  It does not come easy as many of you reading will understand.  We are hard working, honest people. We have planned our extension in detail.  We discussed, completed funny, little drawings, dreamed and planned every inch with one major feature.  The concrete floor. Ive dreamed of the polished concrete floord for years.  

On the morning of the pour, I woke early to feed by little baby and at 630am heard some loud music coming from a car.  You know the usual sound.  Boom, boom, boom .... Annoying.  But it didn't go away.  It parked outside.  Some loud voices followed greeting each other.  The concreters had arrived! I consider letting them know that it was a little loud but decided I really wanted my concrete floor today.  But my alarm bells were ringing.

The day was hot, the people were rude, the council were called due to noise complaints, the builder was worried, my heart was in my mouth, the truck arrived, the pump arrived, the concrete was pumped, the mess was made, the second truck was late and it all ended in a damn, fecking disaster! 

You would think that may be the worst part of the story. NO. An inspection was carried out by the builder (nicest man alive!), the concreters, the concrete supplier and myself.  And they argued.  I canNOT tell you how bad this is.  The garage floor requires replacing, the floor is cracking, the polishing will now cost $5000 more and the finished product will be the opposite of what we have dreamed of.  No rustic look, no light polish/grind, no hit and miss look. Full grind to fix the levels, holes, dents, cracks and cold join. 

And to top it off.  We being the people that we are, agreed to pay a percentage of the invoice to the company so they could continue to work on the job and rectify the issues.  And what have they done.  Yes you guessed it. They have disappeared.  No more communication.

See why I am a little cranky today? 

This happened prior to Christmas but I left it in there.  I could not even think about this during our Christmas break as it makes me cranky.  And this was our first break in a year. Today I had to put my renovating hat back on and discuss our options with the builder.  He is sorry and probably more cranky than me.  How can people do this? Why would you work in this way? 

The grinding will commence tomorrow. 7am sharp. Please god let it go ok. 

Lesson learnt. 

The End. Rant over ..... 

I feel calmer for sharing.  Really.  Does it really matter? I think not.  There is more important things in the world ... 

Health, Happiness and Love.  My top three ....

Thank god for Pinterest.  Makes me feel a little better .... a little I say ....


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