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I cannot believe that my little baby girl turned three this year.  December 12th.  She is amazing, hilariously funny, beautiful, clever and generous. 

A party was a must.  A Birthday Party in December.  How easy would it be to say no.  Everything is busy.  The shop, my hubby's work, the Christmas parties, the end of school madness, the renovations and oh that little one called Joshua that takes up many moments of everyday and keeps us all smiling.  Love. 

She asked for a party. And a party it was going to be.  Just a few close little friends and family. 

While James was at school we made a special trip to the shops for the party cups, plates, cupcake holders, napkins and decoration bits and pieces.  Prior to going into the shop we sat for a cuppatea and babycino and decided on the colours.  Pink and yellow.  With the decision made we arrived at the party shop and were in and out within minutes. She was so excited.

She named the food that she would like.  Chocolate balls (maltesers), Rice Krispy Buns (chocolate crackles) and a Frozen Cake! "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed in my head. 

Straight to Woolworths.  Purchased a double sponge, blue sprinkles and everything for a yummy icing and fondant centre.  Online and ordered a cake topper from Bliss Party Designs. Express Post.

This was the cake around 11pm the night before.  No exactly what I was hoping for but we kept going. Remember we currently have a tiny, make shift kitchen with no work space! 

It was far from perfect but my little woman was delighted. 

I know, I know! Sprinkles! Am I trying to drive the little ones mad! 

Note to self.  Turn down oven so paper cupcakes do not burn! Otherwise I think these are fantastic.  There is no need for a cupcake tray.  Just a flat baking tray and you can fit a lot more in.  Less time baking!

Preparing her own little party table! 

The day was perfect.  It was fun filled, relaxed and surrounded by our lovely friends. I prepared everything the night before or the morning of.  It was a morning party at 10am.  I got up early and baked the sausage rolls in the oven and placed them in the slow cooker to keep warm.  Worked a treat. No cooking or running around while the party was on.  We loved it. And most importantly Annabelle had a great day!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

We can't wait to spend the next year with you, our beautiful little one ...

My tips on a last minute party made easy ...

1 - The moment you decide that you are going ahead with the party of the year (last minute), start discussions with your little one.  Chat about the guests, the food, the cake and the theme.  Once they throw some random theme at you, think easy.  What is easy to do? Otherwise you will not allow the "random" theme and it will become stressful. 

2 - Once decisions are made write your party food plan.

3 - Go to a dollar shop/party shop, with the party child and make it an outing.  We went to our local party shop where nothing seems to be over $3.  You don't have to spend big to get the "look" to suit the theme. Ms 3 decided on Pink and Yellow as her colour scheme so there was no arguments or "moments" in the shop.  Easy .....

4 - Decide on a location and have a back up plan. At home, inside or outside, a park.  The list is endless.  We decided on a park and arrived at 845am for set up.  We missed out on the spot as the very organised mothers were there since 7am! Our back up plan was the bring our canopy to the park with a fold out table.  To be honest, it worked out better. We had more room. Easy ...

5 - The Cake. At you can see I ended up with a shop bought sponge and then decorated myself.  If I had more time I would have baked the day prior but it was not to be.  I also purchased the cake topper which was a god send! Easy ...

6 - Warm food.  It was a 10am start.  We prepared the sausage rolls for both children and adults the night prior and popped them in the oven when we got up the next morning. Again I purchased the sausage rolls from our butcher.  I knew they would be a hit and they were! Ruling the Roost, Warriewood.  Highly recommend! Easy ...

7 - Bunting! Bunting makes everything pretty - Check some out here.

This was a party for a three year old.  Im no expert ...

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January 02, 2015

What a pretty little party set-up. My 4 year old would go crazy for that!
Thank you for sharing your party tips too. You’d never know that was a shop bought cake!

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