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Posted on December 20, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

I decided to step away from the decision ...

It was too difficult.  I loved every tree for a different reason! Everyone is so creative, especially the little ones.  Thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful trees! 

And so I asked lovely Leanne from Lime & Mortar.  Leanne is a tad creative, has a great eye for detail and I knew would be a great woman for the job! 

You can read more about Leanne here.

Over to you Leanne ...

I was honoured to be asked to judge Nell and Oll’s Christmas Tree competition. It’s been nice to look through all your photos and seeing all your individual styles. I’m noticing tinsel is not very popular anymore but pom pom garlands and bow are becoming quite the trend. I loved seeing all your trees, they are gorgeous! 

Christmas is a great time to play around with another colour scheme in your home. It’s fun to play with colours and decorations that you wouldn’t usually have in your home. This year we have pink, purple, lime and blue… nice, bright and fun for the kids. You can see photos here. You may prefer the more traditional colours of red and gold or you may even match the colours to your home’s colour scheme. It’s nice to also decorate the entrance of your home either outside, inside or both. A nice wreath on the front door or some decorations on your entrance table gives your guests a lovely festive feeling as they enter your home.

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Nell and Oll’s $100 gift voucher is…….  


I love your monochrome tree. It’s different to any ive seen before, the white tree is stunning. I also really love that the wrapping matches so nicely with the tree.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you all!

Leanne - Lime & Mortar



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