Christmas Tree Fun ....

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Ive been crazy busy all day putting the Tree up!!! Bahahaaaa! Love this! 

Due to renovations we have no room for our big beautiful Christmas tree this year! The little people are a little cranky about this but we are looking forward to our new space and not complaining (too much)!

We have decided to pull out our sixteen year old baby Christmas tree we purchased when we first move to Australia in 1998. Seems like a life time ago now. It's around a foot tall! We will probably spend hours choosing the five decorations to go on it with the assistance of Master four and Ms three!! A fun afternoon to be had on Sunday! 

Is your tree up?

Share your Christmas Tree photo on our Facebook page - Click this link & we will pick our favourite tree, tradition or inventive, on December 20th at 6pm! 

Our favourite will receive a $100 voucher from Nell & Oll! 

Go on join in the fun and please entertain me! 




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