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I wrote recently about our journey with Reflux.  All three of my little babies have suffered. You can read this post here.
Today Im sharing our journey with Joshua. My darling, beautiful & very last baby.  Oh dear. Tears.  That came from no where ... A whole other story which I will share in time ...
Back to Relux!
Joshua ...
I was prepared.  I was not falling into the same trap this time.  The baby will have reflux I told myself.  I did not hope or pry that this baby would not have it.  I accepted it would happen.  This was the beginning of a much easier road for the entire family.  
We had a very rough start (again another story that I have yet to share but will as it will speak to many) but my little man from day one fed beautifully. Like his brother he had a big latch and was hungry! During the hospital stay the same paediatrician watched him carefully. I knew while in hospital that he too was unsettled but only one tiny vomit so I was unsure if it was indeed reflux.  Within the couple of weeks of being home we knew.  So I grabbed my carriers (I have a few!) and began carrying him for many hours a day.  This is really fantastic for when they are very little.  Being upright helps their little stomachs cope with a feed and stops the food from coming up and burning their throat or causing them to vomit. These are the carriers and wraps that I use here.
Joshua has silent reflux.  He was very unsettled for most sleeps and very irritable after feeds. I made a huge effort to help him settle in his cot but within moments of lying him flat it was clear that he would not settle.  When you are aware of the signs of reflux it is very obvious.  One major sign for little babies is how easy they will settle once upright.  Joshua would literally fall asleep instantly when you lifted him from the cot in your arms.  I usually would lift him with all the blankets around him so he would not even touch me and he would still fall sound asleep.  He had instant relief the poor bubba.  
He slept for long periods in the carrier in the first ten weeks. He was very comfortable there and it was much easier on my back then carrying him. With silent reflux he seldom vomits and the plus side to that there is no weight loss.  My little Annabelle was a constant vomiter and therefore did not put on weight easily.  After a visit to the paediatrician at four weeks it was confirmed that he had reflux and Nexium was prescribed.  Annabelle was also given this and it is fantastic medication with great results. 
Thankfully now at sixteen weeks old he is a very happy, well contented and settled baby.  After a week of being on the medication Joshua began sleeping in the cot for his day sleeps for much longer periods. I am not saying that this was an easy task.  I spent many hours helping him to do this.  My room was spotless from spending so much time in there! He now has a great little routine going, with four hourly feeds, two great naps during the day whether we are on the move or at home and from nine weeks he has blessed us with full night sleeps! He is a little legend! Should I share all of this? Yes I should, as many people reading are probably in the mist of the awful stage of reflux and I want them to know that it will get better.  It will!
Being in the right head space this time round has made the world of difference for our family. I refused to stress about the reflux. I planned to go with the flow and not let the fecking reflux take away the magic moments from me with my last little baby. I have enjoyed every single moment.  He makes my heart warm and fuzzy, just looking at him and his progress is beautiful to watch.  
Reflux is a journey and a journey that gets a little easier as time goes on.  Eventually it will go. 
Love and kisses to all the families with reflux out there right now and please send me a note if you would like to chat ...




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