I LOVE my shoes ....

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 1 Comment

See I have this thing about shoes.  I feel dressed when I have some nice shoes on.  Are you the same?

And lucky for me, my sister in law owns a shoe shop! And a feckin gorgeous one at that! 

(You can find them on Facebook for inspiration on shoe style - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Perfect-Pairs-Shoe-Boutique/165008533527048)

They are located in Ireland so I receive everything in the post! 

Ms Mairead knows my size, my style, my address & my credit card number! 

Sometimes I see a new pair on her Facebook page and oooops order another pair! All I say is ....

I LOVE THESE! Its code for - Get my size out, take them out of your stock numbers, wrap them up & get them in the feckin post pronto! 

And then they arrive .... 

Conveniently during work hours so I can prance around admiring my feet and only my feet as nothing else fits so Im usually wearing tracksuit with my new fancy shoes! 

And then I can hide them neatly in a row under my side of my bed so hubby will never know ......

Ah online shopping! Gotta love it! 

These are my latest pairs! One Perfect Pair as a "new baby" gift .....! Thanking you!

Do you love your shoes? Or is it bags? Or is it jeans? 




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December 13, 2014

Awh thanks Elaine for this blog…sure i only love posting them off and imagining your excitement as you open your parcel….i get a great kick out of thinking of you swanning around Sydney..the other side of the world in a pair of Perfect Pairs. xxx

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