The time I drove a digger ....

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

Im one of these strange girls that dreams about using tools, driving machines, designing houses & building them myself.  Yes Im odd.  I don't know why but it is something that has always interested me so at the moment while I live in our little two bedroom house with three littles ones, a hubby and my mother in law visiting, I am at my happiest! I bloody well love it!

First job is to clear the site and when I enlisted a lovely Irish crew to carry out the work I knew I would get my chance to have a turn on the digger.  See I just smiled sweetly and demanded they give me a go!

This obsession began some years ago but did not come about until now.  I was driving to work in my lovely six week old Holder Barina.  Black, cream leather seats and a little zippy.  Loved it.  And then I saw the "Machine"! I started to daydream about the machine which is not a great idea while driving.  Unfortunately I didn't see the car in front pull up quick and I basically killed my little Barina.  She was no more.  I was ok and the boys driving the "Machine" came to my rescue.  I was mortified! 

So there is the background about the "Machine".  Ive admired from a distance until yesterday.  It was so much fun!




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