Sunday Nights & 4 Year Old Dramas!

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

What does your Sunday night look like?!

We have a Skype or two to the family in Ireland, early yummy Sunday dinner (risotto in the Thermomix), early preparation for bed & tonight some serious track building! Having a proud Mommy moment as James helps his little sister ...Melts my heart, thank god because at some points today he caused it to turn to stone!!

A few moments - Lying on the ground in the church & making siren noises so loud the priest could hear him at the alter! Bouncing on the beds in Domayne, encouraging his sister to join him  & climbing on the bunks after being told maybe 150 times to get down! And a few other scary moments that many Mothers of four year olds can relate to ....!

I've heard of this 4 year old behaviour & that it can disappear as quick as it came! Please share with me if you have experienced this, as at the moment I'm thinking how the feck will I cope with a third & this energetic, loud, beautiful child! Give me patience & wisdom pretty please!

Elaine x


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