The Big Girl Bed .....

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As you can see I did as much as I could to make this little girl's cot transform into a Big Girl's Bed! 

With our third pregnancy getting on, our renovation ideas have slowed.  There will be no third bedroom for a few months & so we are all living happily squashed into our two bedroom home at the moment.  It is not a two bedroom house.  It is our beautiful small, little home which we love.  But our little Ms will have to wait for her big big bed in a few months. 

Well she was delighted! Her little face broke into a huge smile when Daddy left her into the room.  She declared she "loves" it ...

The pillow, the "Glampet" (blanket/quilt) same as Jamesie's, the "efalants" (elephants) & the "flags" (bunting) ...

The excitement!

So we went to bed & I tucked her in.  Loving that I could finally knell down beside the bed & give her cuddles & kisses.  We all had to sit on the bed & read a book on her new bed as we do this most nights on James' bed.  

Off to sleep she went ... lovely ...

Slept all night.  Best girl ... 


NIGHT 2 ...

Up & down until 845pm! Scooting in the hallway! IM NOT JOKING! 

Kept James awake as well.  

Nightmare the next day as they were both so tired.

6 nights in ... 

And she is up & down ... chatting, laughing & the old "I need to ask you a question" game!

We have implemented the reward chart, stickers, points & so on ..... 

AND no use!

Tonight I said every time you get up I will take away a "dollie" ... probably a bit harsh ... BUT ITS NOT WORKING! 

Girls don't listen ... they just don't care ... its all fun & games.  I should know this.  Im a girl but I don't know whats next! 

And sure I suppose we just keep on going ..... 

Sometimes hiding the laugh as she is so cute toddling up in her PJs & other times giving hubby the eye indicating DEAL WITH IT! 

Any suggestions welcome!


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