Im afraid what you have is know as "children"!!

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 This made me laugh so much! (seen on Mum's Grapevine)

But then I remember that this was actually said to me!

After having Bella I was exhausted from late night feeds, long days of crying due to reflux, dealing with a beautiful toddler & so I just pushed on.  Then the night feeds stopped & I still felt exhausted so I went to the doctor.  I explained how I felt & he ordered some blood tests.  My Thyroid came back a little low but nothing to worry about he said.  Its just lifestyle.  Lifestyle? Do I have a lifestyle at the moment? Or am I just existing I thought. I didn't say.  I thought.

So I pushed on for another couple of months & again returned.  Explained I still felt awful.  He asked if I had anyone that could take the kids for a couple of weeks so I can have a break!! I looked at him.  Surely he was joking.  He was not.  Again he said about my lifestyle.  You need a break.  Now please tell me do you know anyone that has had a break from their kids? Did you ever hear of anything so ridiculous! 

I bit my tongue & explained that we had no parents in the Australia & taking 2 weeks "off" was not an option.  I also mentioned that I was not tired of my children.  I love them. I enjoy them. I don't need a break from them.  I also said that I feel that Im pushing $#^t up the hill everyday! 

Again I left without any help.  

I have wonderful friends that are always supportive & so when I shared this story with one friend in particular she decided to do some research for me & found me another lady doctor that knows a thing or two about thyroid problems.

I completed another blood test & off I went for a visit. She is more on the natural side of things & so I expected some nice natural herbs of something to help.  When I shared my story & blood results she reached for her script book.  She started writing.  She told me she was angry.  Angry that doctors did not listen to their patients.  I asked could I have something natural.  She said NO! You need to start using the correct medication asap as this was not going to improve until I did.  I fell back in the seat.  I felt instantly relieved.  Finally someone that listened. Finally someone that was going to help.  She put me on the medication & asked about my birth control.  I said "oh we are being careful"! Out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying! For heaven sake I nearly died of embarrassment there & then! So off I went & within no time at all I was feeling much better.  Much better mood, happier, not as stressed, tired or cranky.  I think I was even nice to my husband!  That was 10 months ago.  I am now 7 months pregnant! 

So moral of the story.  If you are a Mom like me who thinks there is something a little wrong but can't put your finger on it & your doctor is not listening or helping then find a new doctor! Don't wait around.  It was so exhausting for so long for me & now Im like a new woman! Well now Im pregnant so a different tired but a joyful one! 

If you have a similar story that could help another Mom please share ....

Nell xx



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