A ride in an Ambulance!

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

I decided to share this short story with you as I have never heard of this happening prior so hopefully it will help someone in the future!

On Tuesday & Wednesday James was a little tired at school.  We had a late night on the Saturday night so I put it down to that but I asked the teachers to keep an eye on him as I thought something might be brewing. Nothing appeared & so we thought he was very tired & like most parents swore against late nights again for a long, long time! 

On Friday we had our usual swimming class & James had a great swim, concentrating so hard I thought he would forget to come up for air!!  I was out for the afternoon & came home just in time to give hugs & kisses to them both prior to going to bed around 7pm. 

At 10pm James woke with a small cough.  It was a big noise but the first cough I heard all evening.  I thought immediately 'damn the croup'! Last year we had a couple of bouts of croup so I knew straight away what it was however I was not prepared for him to sit up & go from nothing, no sickness, no runny nose, no cough to full on bout of croup where his breathing was very restricted.  I brought him straight to the kitchen & we prepared the medication as we do keep it on hand but I felt we were too late.  The breathing was laboured, his little ribs struggling in & out & he was starting to get very upset.  We rang for the ambulance.  Sounds very drastic but I felt we had no other opinion.  The medication would have taken some time to kick in & going by car would have put us at risk of being in a tricky situation at the side of the road.  They arrived promptly & gave him ventolin.  It helped but they were not happy & off we went to the hospital.  They gave him Redipred & within a couple of hours he was alert, happy & thankfully breathing normal again.

James has given us a couple of frights with Croup & high temps in the past but it has never come on that quick & strongly prior without any illness.  It was odd but of course not to the  hospital staff.  They see it all the time.  I must say aren't they angels! What a difficult job & they take it all in their stride! 

At 12 midnight we strolled through the hospital hand in hand looking for some goodies & he selected lemonade & some chips.  He looked up at me with a big smile & said "Mommy this is so so special here with you at the hospital having lemonade & chips"! I knew it was time to go home then! Bless his little heart ..... 

If you have a similar story I would love to hear .... 






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