Bullying, karate & a good old rant!

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Elaine Stack | 0 Comments

From the moment I was pregnant I fretted about my little ones being bullied.  I know that may seem odd to many. I come across confident & really I suppose I am now at the age of 36.  I appear chatty, forward & able for anything.  And yes in some ways I am.  But I have had many years of avoiding situations.  Avoiding bitches. And I know the "bitches" have their own issues but it is hard to see that when you are being bullied.
I was bullied.  I was bullied by some girls at the age of 16 for a year or so.  My Mother tried to step in as she would hear me cry in my sleep about it but it did not help.  I was not beat but just excluded.  Excluded from the group, verbally bullied & lets just call it pure & utter bitchiness.  Now that was a long time ago & I am now a much stronger person but this morning a friend called.  A friend who is now in a similar position as an adult. This upsets me greatly.  I ask WHY? Why do women do this? Why do women feel the need when they have children themselves to exclude others, bitch behind their back & not look deeper & understand why they themselves are doing this? 
Will this ever stop? Probably not.  And now we have the cyber bullying to deal with.  How can our children be protected. 
But I believe in this quote.  I have saved it as my desktop image so I am reminded everyday.  
I will do my very best to be my best for my children. 
James has been attending a Karate school for the past 6 months.  For many reasons as he is only 4.  I love the teachings, the discipline & the community feel that we have at our local Karate school.  I want my boy & girl to be confident to stand up to bullies.  I want to give them every opportunity to stand tall & to not be afraid.  I will show them how to treat others with kindness, help people in need & give them the opportunity to be confident in their ability if ever in a tricky situation.  
BUT over all I will show them how them how to respect firstly themselves, their parents, their family & their community around them.  
Tis all a bit ranty really today but I am sad.  I am sad for women who feel the need to treat people like this.  I will take it today as a reminder.  I will find the positive & go with it! 

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